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Management Team

Ms. Celeste Reyes

As she quotes, “So seize every moment, take the risks, live our lives to the fullest and we will have no regrets. That, I can guarantee you.”  

Ms. Celeste Reyes fought many battles in the business world and the greatest challenge she conquered is herself. She took big risks and strived even harder which eventually lead her gaining the respect of men in the business world. 

As a result, she currently owns several restaurants situated in the high-end areas in the Metro, commercial buildings, and an International Logistics Courier for more than 20 years.

As the Visionary President of We Provide Corporation, Ms. Celeste Reyes is now opening doors of opportunities, alongside Mr. Anthony Ng, who is an adviser to the company. Both of them envision a society that is financially independent by teaching everyone to start and own a successful business utilizing the multi-level marketing platform. Thru this company, they can impart their undisputed experiences and comprehensive knowledge on how to do the business victoriously right.


Mr. Ray Angelo Reyes
Chief Operating Officer

He migrated to USA after graduating from Marikina Science High School. He took up surgical technology in USA and became a surgical first assistant for 8 years doing multi-specialty surgeries.


Mr. Angelo Reyes used to be a believer of Western Medicine but after experiencing the amazing benefits of We Provide food supplements, he now becomes an advocate of natural food supplements. He personally uses the products, “He walks the talk.”


Currently, he is managing two companies, Globewide Forwarding Corporation and very much hands on in the operations of We Provide Corporation.


His extra-ordinary charm creates an atmosphere of a family like relationship to both the employees and network members respectively.

Mr. Neil Dela Paz
Vice President for I.T.

IT system in any multi-level marketing company is one of the most important factors and has a very crucial role in the success of this industry.  It takes a lot of experience in troubleshooting, problem-solving analysis, programming, and great leadership for you to maintain high in-demand activities of an international distribution company just to satisfy and provide great services to the members.


And there’s no other person who can handle all of these better than our IT EXPERT, Mr. Neil Dela Paz. We Provide Corp. is the first company that has its own IT Expert as one of the Board Members - which means, we can assure all members of information protection, well-processed and detailed transactions, and reliable system providers for the company.


And since Mr. Neil Dela Paz has been handling and providing IT systems for more than 20 years. We could simply say that we are now ready for international business activities. Mr. Neil has actually handled 4 Big International Companies under his leadership.  With that in mind, We Provide Corp. will most definitely soar high, having his great contribution to the company's IT System.


Mr. Francis Garcia
VP for Network Development

A seasoned Network Marketing Icon of the Philippines by the name of Mr. Francis Garcia joins We Provide Corp. He is one of the members of the company and serves as the Vice-President for Network Development.


For almost 20 years in the industry, he consistently holds the Top 1 position - that’s why the respect and admiration from his fellow Network Marketers are always there. FG, as most people know him in the Network Marketing Industry, is always equated with a “BIG TIME COMPANY” because he sets the standard for creating Millionaires under his mentorship.


And now, since he will not just lead the company We Provide Corp. as an Upline but also as a Network Developer, he assures everyone that the company will take its course globally. At the moment he’s opening the doors of opportunity to the new and seasoned professional network marketers in the country including our OFWs around the globe. As he says, “We Provide Corp. will be the Best Opportunity in Network Marketing Industry.”

Mr. Art Bonjoc Jr.
VP for Training

Art is an award-winning broadcast journalist and a media executive before he discovered joined the amazing world of non-conventional marketing.


He's a trainer and speaker in the areas of management, marketing, and leadership. He is a strong believer in a systematic continuing education program which he consistently applies to salespeople, in his quest to professionalize the network marketing industry.

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